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Jane Mason of Mason PI

Delivers Training in Advanced Interview Techniques.


Jane Mason of Mason PI recently delivered a customized, intensive, and interactive Advanced Interview Techniques training program to 50+ attorneys attending their firm’s offsite retreat held in Chicago, IL.  The client is a full-service law firm with a significant practice in Environmental and Workplace Safety and with more than 600 attorneys in locations across the United States and in London and Shanghai. The client had requested specialized training in interviewing techniques because they felt they could improve the quality of the content derived during interviews by their attorneys as well as the speed of information retrieval. The attorneys who were trained agreed as many acknowledged that they planned to become better listeners and to elicit information more effectively rather than feeding information to potential witnesses. The dynamic training program featured instruction on interview techniques followed by extensive role-playing.

The feedback from trainees was uniform about one thing: they wanted more training on the various nuances of conducting interviews. 

And plans are underway to provide additional content including strategies to effectively communicate with different types of witnesses.


Mason PI provides general and environmental investigative services. Its founder retired from the Federal Bureau Investigation after 28 years as a Special Agent developing expertise in white-collar crime investigations, collection of evidence, and witness interview. Mason PI bring decades of investigative experience, particularly in the field of complex white-collar and environmental investigations. They also specialize in forensic evidence collection, expert witness testimony, and witness interviews. 


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