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Federal Court: Agencies Can Punish Employees for Refusing to Break Rules

State Department employee was not protected because he refused to violate a contracting regulation, rather than a federal law. Read more

Second Circuit Deals Blow to Government’s Use of FIRREA as an Enforcement Tool

When does a breach of contract amount to fraud? Last week the Second Circuit answered this question and reversed a $1.27 billion judgment against Bank of America and a $1 million... Read more

Environmental Crimes May Cost World Economy $258 Billion: Study

Environmental crimes are rising due to weak laws and enforcement, costing the global economy as much as a record $258 billion, about a quarter more than previously estimated, the United Nations Environment Program and Interpol said. Read more

Connecting Police   for a safer world

Connecting Police
for a safer world

Environmental crime

Environmental crime is a serious and growing international problem, and one which takes many different forms.

Broadly speaking, wildlife crime is the illegal exploitation of the world’s wild flora and fauna, while pollution crime is the trade and disposal of waste and hazardous substances in contravention of national and international laws.

In addition to these clear and present crimes, new types of environmental crime are emerging, such as carbon trade and water management crime. Read more