It does not require many words to speak the truth.
— Chief Joseph New Perce 

What We've Achieved

What we have accomplished:

  • After Jane retired from the FBI, she was asked to provide interview training to a multi-national law firm.  Law school does not help future lawyers become experts in witness interviews.  A majority of lawyers must talk with clients, witnesses, jurors, judges, law enforcement officials, and colleagues each and every day of their careers.  The ability to successfully talk with people is crucial.
  • We developed a four-hour block of training for an audience of fifty attorneys and executive management of the firm.  The training included a Powerpoint presentation, extensive role-playing, and hand-outs with interview tips and techniques.
  • One of the tips Jane shared at the training was her practice to ask each witness at the end of every interview if there was anything else he or she wanted to say that hadn’t already been discussed.  Sometimes there are events critical to your case that you have not yet discovered.
  • A majority of the time, the witness said there was nothing else.  The handful of times that the witness had more to say paid off immeasurably.  In one instance, the information provided after the substantive interview was a matter of national security importance.